Outdoor Games in Croatia

  • Last school year at our school we hosted Mrs Marija Vuk, the author of the book “Pots - Games Between Two World Wars”. She presented us with her work, teaching our third graders some games described in her book.

    This year, our teachers and students decided to further explore other games. Teachers Dunja Mikulaj and Ida Veselovac organised a competition in our school yard. Students competed in pairs and groups in different disciplines: varjatori - a forerunner of baseball, bag race, egg and spoon race, hula hoop, wheelbarrow race, border guards and others. During our activities and later in class we had students use their numeracy skills in the following ways: measuring the path (how many steps, meters, turning meters into decimeters and centimeters), dividing pupils into groups, counting during warm-up exercises, calculations with scores.

    This activity helped us strengthen our students’ mathematical, social and civic competences, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.