• We celebrated the day of the book with two special actions:

    The 3rd Grade student (C’1 class) chose to deal with the book "The Colorful Soldiers" written by the children's book author Louka Panayi.

    The book refers to the values of volunteering such as impartiality, neutrality, independence, unity, globality, love. The children studied the book and dramatized it. Then they invited the author to accompany them in order to bring up a theatrical performance based on his book. The theatrical performance would have the purpose of collecting money for the Red Cross Foundation and the poor families of our city. The play was attended by five different schools in Limassol and the children gathered a respected amount of money for the Red Cross and the less fortune families of Limassol.

    The second activity achieved by the 2nd Grade student (B’1). The children working in pairs wrote a dialogue between a book and a lazy student.

    The first student was presenting the book that was trying to persuade the student to read it and the other was the lazy student. Then they played a role play in front of their classmate. They acted the dialogue.