Impressions by the Italian team

  • Two teachers and the Headteacher together with three students took part in a very remarkable and well organized meeting in Limassol. We enjoyed the very warm welcome with typical songs, dances and drama performed by the children.

    Both students and teachers were involved in the numerous workshops, all high level and well led by experts from the host school, from the Croatian school and from the Limassol University of technology. The workshops covered a variety of topics: augmented reality, robotics, 3D printing and creating e-books, Solar system, outdoor games and numeracy games for students, creating a seven-language dictionary. We had the possibility to visit the Engino factory where building blocks are produced, from very simple ones to robotic systems. A very involving workshop by the Engino experts was offered, encouraging children to develop cognitive, linguistic and social skills through building a robot, practising coding and technological tools in mixed groups

    We had the possibility to learn about the history of the country through guided tours; we visited the old town of Limassol, the capital of Nicosia, the archaeological remains of the ancient city of Kourion and the village of Lefkara, famous of needlecraft and traditional architecture. We appreciated the nature, culture and tradition of this beautiful country, which is an amazing combination of different cultures. But we were surprised and touched by the great hospitality of the host families, of the school staff and of the people in Limassol. This meeting was an unforgettable experience for our students and for our team!