International Day of People With Disabilities in Italy

  • The 3rd of December, International Day of People with Disabilities, is a very important day in our school. “It's normal to be different” is our motto. Every year teachers work with children on a peculiar issue, which has to do with people, their identity and human relationships. This year the theme is Ikigai. Ikigai is a Japanese word that cannot be translated with a single word in English. Ikigai is a treasure in our soul, that we have to discover and cultivate day by day, to live happily, in peace with ourselves and with other people. We could say it's our reason to live. 

    What is my passion?

    What am I good at?

    What's the reason I wake up every morning? 

    What can I do for other people? 

    What does the world need? 

    Around these questions we can build a big thinking on what we are and how we can live our life fully, taking care of us and of other people. If we  focus on it we will discover that also in the little details of everyday life we can find seeds to make our soul blossom. Every team proposes this theme in his class in many different ways: reading books, interviewing children, reflecting together on the meaning of this words, writing stories or poems, finding the words to describe pupils' talents and the way they can help other people through them. After this activities, each class realizes an artwork to be exhibited in the hall of the school on the 3rd of December.