Impressions by the Romanian team


    Two teachers with three students participated at this amazing meeting. The planned activities started in a relaxed atmosphere, guided by the mediterannean sun, with the the welcoming ceremony of receiving the guests, traditional dances and songs and the guided tour of the school. 

    We were aquinted with one student’s activities in a common school day, we could notice the programme and the way the classes developed. 

    We participated at different workshops, one of them was to use the Augmented Reality at a Geography lesson with the topic the Solar System; using VR glasses and some appropriate apps that can be freely downloaded in phones (Cardboard și Expeditions), we (students and teachers together) discovered the solar system and the planets in their natural movement. 

    The educational involvement for this technology are huge, they can lead to a series of amazing educational contents, more intuitive, more attractive, more efficient. Other workshops concentrated on assembling and programming robots from lego, followed by examples of educational values of using robots, also, on becoming known the 3D printer and other digital apps very useful in teaching- Space4+ and Storyjumper. The students have shown that they can easily communicate in English and they master the digital competencies by using these apps. 

    In order to discover the Cypriot culture, there were organized the visit of some representative old sites: Kourion, Nicosia- the capital, Lymassol- the oldest part of the city, a medieval village, Lefkara where it was organized an attractive Orienteering game. 

    Both, students and teachers, had an amazing and useful experience during this project meeting. Everybody learnt something new, found out more about the other European countries, had the chance to speak in English and to make new friends. We are very grateful to Zoi and all her colleagues for the great work and we also thank them for this successful meeting.