International Day for Tolerance in Romania

  • What does Tolerance mean to you?! Students from 7th and 8th grades answered to this:

    In my words, I believe tolerance means being able to understanding others opinions even if you oppose or disagree with them. I believe it also means respecting others no matter their belief, point of view, race, identity, religion etc., and everybody in the world should be treated equally with a right for them to express their opinion. (Teodora, 8th grade)

    For me, tolerance means to accept everybody whatever religion or colour (Nicos, 8th grade) The ability to cooperate with someone even if you don't share the same opinion (Nadia, 8th grade)

    Tolerance is the ability and willingness to live, coexist, and disagree without hatred with any person no matter their point of view, color, race, religion, gender, or sexuality. (Mihai, 8th grade)

    Tolerance means that you actually don't care if they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, tall, short, smart, dumb etc (Cosmin, 8th grade)

    Tolerance is when I respect things that disagree with my opinions or lifestyle. (Ana, 7th grade)

    We should not judge people by our standards because we are not perfect either. (Claudia, 7th grade)

    To understand and accept that can be there opinions other than yours. (Mario, 7th grade)