Book Day in Croatia

  • For the occasion of the Book Day, students from year 3 to year 8 were given an assignment by their Croatian and English teachers to choose their favourite stories they would like to share with their peers. Their choice was a variety of stories from Croatian and international writers. The highlight of the occasion was however our mascot story, written and illustrated by the year 7 student Nola Jambrošić, a story about a girl from Afghanistan, tackling the topic of immigration and human rights. To mark the Book Day we gathered in our school library: students, Croatian and English teacher and the librarian.

    As an introduction, the librarian gave a presentation about the importance of reading and rules of successful storytelling. She also played a story told by the famous Croatian professional storyteller Jasna Held. After that students took turns to tell their stories. They could decide whether to tell them sitting in a comfortable chair or standing. Most of them preferred to stand in front of the audience of their peers. Everybody enjoyed the afternoon very much. It was a chance for storytellers to practice their public performance and boost their self-confidence. Communication in a mother tongue and foreign language, cultural awareness and expression, were competences promoted by this activity.