Outdoor games in Italy

  • Memorizing math facts is great BUT kids also need to understand how these facts come together. Our little math and movement game forces kids to think about every step of the equation… in a really fun way. Hopscotch and math come together easily on their own. In Italy, hopscotch takes various names according to the region: Carampana, Mondo, Settimana, Tiriticchete….  

    First things first, we drew our hopscotch  with chalk outside.

    Once we had our hopscotch ready, we started playing.

    • We started simple. We asked children to hop on the numbers that add up to 10. Ten we continued calling out numbers while the kids bounced back and forth. 

    • A little more challenging. We  suggested kids to make the same number again, in a different way. And again. And again. “How many ways can you get the answer 9?”

    Serious thinking.  After quite a long time of hopping and thinking, we upped the challenge. This part required some serious thinking. We asked the children to make a sum of 15 using 3 numbers. And then using 4 numbers. And then 2. We changed the sum and the amount of numbers to be used to get it.