Innovate Together 2

The project is based on the same-titled Erasmus KA2 project (second year). The planned activities include: learning and teaching about literacy, numeracy, celebrations, promoting regions; development of a Digital Competencies Guide for teachers; active participation in a number of classes of different subjects; learning the languages of the partners (multilingualism) and their cultural heritage. The schools will work in parallel applying new approaches to improve basic skills. It is pupil and teacher-oriented; it foresees “learning by doing” instead of traditional lessons, task-based and formal/informal learning, transversal and life skills contribution, practice of innovative methods of teaching: use of reality, eTools and media, blended learning, group work and peer work, with care of mixing different learning levels. The project will give pupils and teachers the opportunity to work together at transnational level and develop key competences for lifelong learning

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