International Day for Tolerance in Poland

  • November 16 is the International Day of Tolerance. On this day, many people around the world speak about it in a special way. In our school, this day was stressed in every class, with classes on "Together we build a valuable world". Each of the age groups met separately to bend over the topic of tolerance. We talked about what tolerance really is and what values it brings with it. We paid attention to the fact that without respecting the views, beliefs and tastes of another person and without respect for him, regardless of who he is, what he looks like, what he can and where he comes from - it would not be possible to create a positive school climate and our closest surroundings!

    Class II students, to better understand what tolerance is, celebrated the world day of the Dot. They got to know a story about a dot that changed the world of a small Vashti, or about Vashti, who thanks to a dot believed in herself.

    We would like to thank all students and teachers for their commitment to preparing this day. The students' readiness to become actively involved in such school projects shows that we are able to cooperate and give our best!

    Our pupils from class III "a" together with the tutor decided to make a surprise to the charges of the Social Welfare Home at ul. Grabski in Legnica. The students presented a verbal and musical assembly and handed out gifts. Emotions and smiles appeared on many faces of the viewers.