Holocaust Remembrance Day in Romania

  • We marked the Memorial day in various ways: 

    • Students from 8th, A, with their main teacher,Oana MAnole, discussed the poetry THE BUTTERFLY and translated it. Based on their poetry, they made paper butterflies. 

    • Students from 6th and 7th grades, inspired by the same poem, organised a panel with a lot of butterflies. 

    • The activity for the 3rd grade students, coordinated by teacher Ana-Maria Stegaru started with a powerpoint material on the chosen topic. She had invited also Adrian Mihailescu, the history teacher, who told them more about the event: causes, countries involved, consequences. Then,    team-topic posters were made and finally, we watched sequences from the movie "Striped Pajamas".

    • Adrian Mihailescu: the 8th and 7th students watched the Pianist movie and then discussed few sequences trying to highlith the main points of what Holocaust meant.

    • Mihaela Mihailescu, teacher of History too, organised an interesting online match between students from 7th and 8th grade and victimes of holocaust.  It was an online wall where all the victims of Holcaust were presented (photo, parents, age, job, birth and death) The students had to work to a Romanian presentation of the matched victim and upload it on a Padlet.