Impressions by the Croatian team


    We couldn’t wait for our first trip in the school year 2018/19. and was so nice to start the visit to Romania in Bucharest. The cultural tour was very interesting, and, above all inspiring: Romanian Athenaeum, Central University Library of Bucharest and Carol I statue, National Bank of Romania, Odeon Theatre, and, in the end, the most famous landmark of Romania: the Palace of the Parliament,  the second largest administrative building in the world.

    When we arrived at the host school - Scoala Gimnaziala nr. 1, Independenta, at the entrance there were students wearing traditional clothes, serving bread and salt – a traditional Romanian custom expressing hospitality, showing that the guest is welcome. What a lovely way to get to know about Romanian tradition! Pairs of Romanian students took us around school. We all enjoyed a wonderful programme, a welcoming ceremony, taking place at the local culture centre. It was obvious that the hosts have worked hard to prepare a welcoming programme consisting of songs, dances and traditions from all the participant countries.

    We all learnt a lot and got many new teaching ideas from lessons we observed, as well as interesting workshops: Web 2.0 tools, Scientix platform - STEM resources; How teachers use STEM methodology in daily school life and eTwinning projects, Multiple Intelligence Theory and other topics. Teachers were actively involved in drama, writing and construction workshops, acquiring ideas for their future classes and projects. 

    After activities at school there was also time to get to know landmarks of Galati, a beautiful city on the banks of the Danube. We left Romania, full of positive impressions of natural and historical landmarks and most of all, the big heart of its people. We are very proud of having a chance to visit this country in the year when it celebrates 100 years anniversary of the unification with all its historical provinces. Thank you Mihaela and the Romanian team for everything!