• A new video meeting with the students from Cyprus took place at 7th of June. Children were very excited because they would have a second meeting on skype, this time with pupils from Cyprus.The meeting began  with an interesting presentation. Pupils from Cyprus showed us their project ”How can we live on Moon”.

    They created from Lego pieces an ecosystem distined for humanity to live on the Moon. With this project the pupils won the first prize on a contest. Our pupils liked a lot this type of  construction and asked pupils from Cyprus that if they ever go to the Moon let them be their first guests. This presentations also ended with a kahoot quizz about our project ”Innovate Together” prepared by Mihaela Mihailescu (the report of this quizz is HERE). All the children enjoyed this type of meeting and they were very happy to discover that they know a lot of information. This activity promoted communication in a mother tongue and foreign language, cultural awareness and expression.