Story from Cyprus

  • The activity of writing the second part of our mascot story was done with our students of year 2 and 3. As a preparation for this activity we did the following actions: 

    1. At first children watched a video on children's rights

    2. There followed a debate on the rights of the child and the violation of rights in Cyprus.

    3. Children reported that when the Turkish invasion took place, many children lost their homes and their families. We decided to write a fairy tale linking the mascot with the human rights abuses in Cyprus.

    4. We decided together about the protagonists and the evolution of history.

    5. We divided the story into sub-headings and the children were divided into groups. Each group has undertaken to write down and illustrate it.

    6. We gathered the stories and drawings and made the necessary corrections.

    Through this activity, we wanted to strengthen the social and civil competence of our students. Additionally, we wanted our students to know our national issue and to understand that the human rights of the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus are being violated by the Turkish occupation of our half-country. We have been able to sensitize our students with the children who lost their homes and even their families, which is an important step in accepting people of other nationalities and religions as equal.


    Read the story HERE.


    You may see and enjoy the story in a video format here.