Impressions by the Italian team


    Two teachers and , for the first time in this project, one school secretary took part in this meeting. During this last project meeting we were warmly welcomed by teachers, pupils and families.

    Many activities have been prepared by Polish students for the day of Europe: songs, dances, performances that have thrilled everyone.

    On this occasion the other European partners showed a video with a typical dance from their country. Italy produced the "tarantella", a popular dance of the South.

    Another engaging activity was a quiz, always about Europe, with Polish boys and foreign teachers.

    Then we met the Mayor of Legnica in the Town Hall. He explained the history and culture of the city to us.

    The visit to the city of Wroclaw was very interesting.It is a city on the Oder River, known for the Market Square, flanked by elegant residences and characterized by a modern fountain. its large astronomical clock.

    The symbol of Wroclaw is the gnomes, who had a recent political significance in the past. Today it is possible to find curious little statues around the city that represent gnomes engaged in different activities: butcher, fireman, guardian. It seems that there are more than 350 in the city.

    We also visited The White Stork Synagogue and Hydropolis, a water centre. Another activity, held by Polish professors, has aroused much curiosity: the laboratory with the resin where each partner was able to produce an artifact to take with him.

    Thanks to all the Polish staff, Ewa, Beata, Sebastian the headmaster, Martina, Tomasz and all the others. We left with so many new experiences and with a veil of melancholy.