Code Week in Cyprus


    In November was organized in our school code week (5 to 9 of November). The 3rd grade (C’1 Class) with their teacher Zoi Kaouri took over the event.The general theme in which the week was devoted was the solar system. In all activities the parents of the children took part.

    During this week, the children worked with various robotics packages and robots like Lego We Do I, Bee Bots, Blue Robot Dash & Dot and Botley robot.

    Specifically, they constructed copies of the rover exploration vehicle that was sent to Mars with the robotic package Lego We Do 2 and programmed their vehicles to move on a huge map of terrain that depicted the solar system as instructed by the teacher. Riddles and puzzles problems were solved, and based on their answer, Botley and Bee Bots robots programmed to move on labyrinths and special ground maps. The kids used the application “Titan of Space” and “Google Expeditions” to travel to solar system by using Virtual Reality Headsets. Also they used the applications “Space 4D+” and “Quiver” and the live book “Solar System 3D” to build a more complete mental picture of the solar system using the augmented reality.

    Also they learned about 3D printing, laser cutter, drones and virtual and augmented reality by visiting the Youth Maker Space at Larnaca town. In this place the kids had the opportunity to access and used technology equipment such as 3D printers and scanners, electronics such as Arduino, Raspberry pi, sensors etc., Drones, Virtual Reality (VR) equipment, Robots, and more "traditional" tools like hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, work benches etc


    Here are some photos from our activities.