Outdoor games in Portugal

  • AT Pinheiro School, to celebrate the beginning of the school year, a big “Jogo do Moliceiro” was drawn on the ground so all students  and school staff could try to play.
    It was a fun and relaxing activity.
    As it is usual every year , when celebrating the Open School Day, students get together to play Bocia – a game usually played by special needs students. Students prepare teams with the special needs students, to play against each other; two teams at a time , with 6 students in each team (reds and blues).

    The aim is to throw a bocia red/blue ball as near as possible to the white ball. The winning team is the one that has more red/blue balls near the white (1 point per ball closer to the white).

    A wonderful way to include all students in a simple game!

    BOCIA – an outdoor game ( played in our school by special needs students) and once a year it is played by the other students against the team of special needs. Only needed a white (heavy sandy ball) and red and blue (bocia balls - heavy sandy balls) – Keeping it simple!


    ·        2 teams (2 groups of students – Blues and reds)

    ·        The game can be played with groups of 3,4 or 6 players in each team.

    If the team has 3 players - each receives 4 bocia balls; 4 players – each has 3 balls; 6 players – each receives 2 balls.

    ·        The teacher establishes the number of rounds, usually five or six

    ·        The winning team is the one which achieves more points

    ·        The game needs a referee to count the points and check who plays the ball.

    ·        The field is lined in a rectangular, the length is defined by the teams ; each are placed alternatively on each side (or only on one side of the field is wide enough)

    Eg. 3 red, 3 blue, 3red, 3 blue, - one side

       3 red, 3 blue, 3 red, 3 blue  - other side

    The game starts with the captain of each team launching their ball to the best proximity of  the white ball. The team starting the game is the one who has their ball next to the white ball.

    ·        The game starts, and each team plays in the alternative colour order, until all balls are thrown.

    ·        The referee and the captains of each team , at the end will check the points -  each ball close to the white ball gets a point.

    ·        The game repeats again until the rounds are over. At the end all points of each team are checked and the winning team is the one who has more points.