Numeracy Week in Italy

  • This years’ numeracy week has seen the organization of a special after class session of activities for students. 

    The module provided the tools to bring students closer to mathematics in an engaging and concrete way, through a methodology that recognizes and enhances the active role of the student, engaged in problem solving processes and activation of his own critical and reflective thinking.

    This workshop aimed to be a learning environment in which students could reflect and work together with others, using multiple learning methods, an environment in which they could observe, research, make hypotheses, design, experiment, discuss, argue their choices and build new ones meanings to solve real problems independently and responsibly.

    Pupils learnt about John Napier then built cardboard sticks allowing to count. Then, they discovered Fibonacci spiral and in groups they tried to solve the rabbits’ issue.

    They also discovered numbers of the spiral in nature and in art.

    In addition, many classes of our school took part to the international competition “mathematics kangaroo”.