Story from Poland

  • On November 20, 1989, the United Nations adopted the "Convention on the Rights of the Child", in which all children's rights were written down. Its goal is to improve the fate of children around the world and provide them with good care and upbringing.

    The basic rights and freedoms of man, and therefore the student, include:

    • personal rights and freedoms to life, national identity, freedom of thought, conscience, religion, expressing views, to life without psychological and physical violence,

    • social rights to work, health protection, leisure and free time,

    • cultural rights to use cultural goods, to information,

    • political rights to association and peaceful gatherings. The student also benefits from the special rights that the school guarantees him.

    During the lesson, our school's teachers discussed these entries in the form of discussions ("brainstorming"), presentations, watching films, meetings with the Children's Rights Ombudsperson. During these debates, the idea arose to prepare a theatrical performance in which the needs and rights of the child were shown in the world of nature. We can not imagine that we can live in isolation from the world around us. At the same time, they made it possible to realize that everyone has the right to live in a spirit of friendship and tolerance.

    Third grade students prepared a spectacle entitled “Polish Forget-me-not Day”- the day of respect, tolerance and love to people and the environment.”

    Many countries in Europe have their Flower Day, e. g. England has the hyacinth, France has the lily of the valley, the Netherlands has the tulip. So today we have the Forget-me-not Day.

    This special day was established to remind us about the beauty of our country, our region, nature, warm people. The forget-me-not is a wild flower, and its light blue colour is like the cloudless sky or the crystal-clear water. You can find these flowers not only in the wild but also in the gardens. They have become the symbol of love to others and to the Earth.

    The forget-me-not Day is the universal day: reminds us about the beauty of our nature and what is more, about the people we love. We celebrate this day to awaken the respect to the nature. We believe that celebrating this day with our message “Stop the violence!” will evoke some positive feelings, empathy, friendship, tolerance, sincerity.