International Day of People With Disabilities in Romania

  • During these activities the teachers had the following aims:

    To identify a group of people with special needs;

    To define the terms: "disability", "infirmity", "disability"

    To list the main disabilities that can exist in people;

    To identify the causes of the deficiencies studied, on the basis of discussions;

    To express their own opinions in connection with various situations;

    To specify, with the help of the teacher, the ways in which people with disabilities in order to carry out various activities

    To list at least three tips for normal people in connection with their behaviour towards people with special needs;

    2nd graders with their teacher Costin Elena watched a meaningful film and particular texts were read, basis on which students made different drawings from stories or from the movie they have just watched that made them feel the best. At the end the teams presented their products to the class by arguing their choice. The teacher used various methods: exposure, conversation, exercise, etc..; modern methods: case study, project method.

    The 4th graders with their teacher Ene Antigona in the first part of the activity, watched an animated film Cuerdas (The Fringes). The film captures the beautiful friendship between a child with a disability and a little girl and how it helps them both their friendship. The conclusions of the film were drawn: a person with special needs little of us, just the attention and acceptance that can make a person happy, also if you help such a person you can discover yourself, you will realize what do you want to do in your lifetime.

    Teaching-learning methods: a) methods of transmission and acquisition of knowledge: exposure, problem-solving, reading were used.

    The preparatory class with their teacher Mocanu Valentina had the activity We are all different. In the second part of the activity, students have been able to deal with disabilities (visual disability, locomotor disability) during breaks to make them better understand what it is like to be a disabled person whenever it may happen to become such a person.

    Methods aimed at forming skills and abilities: the exercise, the practical work were used.

    All in all, students have become familiar with the term disability, then they have experienced what it means to have a disability and made their own exhibition of drawings.