Outdoor games in Poland

  • Students of our school are very willing to participate in various games and sports games organized both in the yard or school playground, as well as in the gym. They participate in organized sports tournaments with whole families. These meetings are very important to us, because they bring parents closer to school, integrate families, everyone actively spend their free time. We try to make children learn about the games and games of their parents and grandparents. We experience that children's sports games that have already been forgotten become very attractive and interesting for them.

    This activity helped us strengthen our students’ mathematical, social and civic competences, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

    Here is one of the proposed games.

    Big-game hunting

    Number of participants: more than 5

    Game time limit: 1 hour

    Required materials and equipment: sheets of paper (A4 or A5), marker

    Where to play: yard, park, meadow, forest

    How to play: write down the animals and the points equivalent on the sheets of paper, e.g.: hare- 5 pts., fox- 10 pts., wolf- 15 pts., boar- 20 pts., deer- 25 pts., bear- 50 pts.

    Hide the sheets of paper around the game area, according to one rule- more valuable animals should be more difficult to find. Establish the signal to begin and to finish the game (e.g. use a whistle). You need to find the animals and earn points to become the best hunter. The winner is a person with the highest score.