Numeracy Week in Croatia

  • The main aim of this year's Numeracy Week was to have our students learn maths through game and applying their knowledge in everyday life situations. Every day, during the break, in a specially equipped maths corner in our school hall, students were able to take part in mathematical-logical games. Apart from well familiar games, students took part in games they created themselves: The Lakeman, developing numeracy and financial literacy, and I Love MeÄ‘imurje, a board game with questions related to our home region. Questions for this board game were written by students within their lessons of Science, History, Biology and Maths. Syllabi of all the subjects were integrated with Maths. The board was painted and decorated by the Art Group. The last day of Numeracy Week was dedicated to The Treasure Hunt. The aim of the game was to read the maths tasks place in different classrooms using the application QR Code Reader, to do the tasks correctly and to be the first to find the treasure box. Through this game we explored new ways how to use the school premises. The activities within the Numeracy Week were led by the Maths teacher Nives Horvat. They helped us develop our students’ mathematical, social and civic competences, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.