Numeracy Week in Cyprus


    During the Numeracy week (3-7 of December) we prepared the following activities: 

    At the first day of Numeracy week the children of 2nd Grade (B’1) studies about Geometric shapes and made little monsters with shapes. 

    At the second day of Numeracy week the children of 3rd Grade (C’1) learned multiplication through different kind of representation. 

    At the third day the students and the parents of 3rd Grade (C’3) learned coordination by programming Bee Bots. 

    At the fourth day the children of year 2 (B'1) they involved to math activity that the name it "Maths about me...".In this activity students filled out the different sections in a math page, by creating math sentences to represent information about themselves. Then they picked up a face, hands and legs, coloured them and stuck them at the right place. 

    At the last day each class of the school design their own math outdoor game and present it to the rest children of the school. 

    Photos from the first day

    Photos from the second day of Numeracy week 

    Photos from the third day

    Photos from the fourth day

    Photos from the last day