International Day for Tolerance in Cyprus

  • We marked the international Day for Tolerance in a special way. We organized a "live library".

    Through this process, people who are experiencing social exclusion or groups of people who are forgotten and blocked fro society are invited to school. In particular, a priest, an African man, a cancer patient, a very old man living in a nursing home, a person with many tattoos were invited to the school. These people, due to their status or origin, or because of their appearance, or simply because of their age, have experienced various forms of social racism.

    Children had the right to "borrow" one of these people as a book and ask them questions about their experiences and their feelings. In this way our students developed empathy and took strong messages through the answer of the quest.

    Before the activity start, students watched videos, readed articles and discussed in the form of a debate on social exclusion issues. Then they were divided into groups and wrote questions that they could do to quest.


    Also, children of the 3rd grade read the book "Happy Meadow". A book devoted to diversity. In a meadow only with white daisies grows a reddish poppy. Daisies react. Finally the daisies accept the poppy.

    Children through this book have been taught that friendship, love and understanding make life easier and more beautiful and that the integration of the different can bring more harmony and beauty.

    After reading the book students did some creative work. Each student made and painted his/her own flower, and on the petals of the flower he/she wrote things that characterize him/her and make him/her different.

    The aim of this activity was to represent through art their individualism, their identity and what renders them unique... at the same time the different colours represented what connects them with other pupils In the class in terms of interests and facets of their personality...