Tourist Guide from Italy part two


    For this year’s tour, we chose to show one of the most remote but at the same time significant historical places in our town: the church of Commenda.

    The church of the Commenda, despite being a small structure, is located within a significant historical complex for the city of Faenza and linked to a historical figure, Fra 'Sabba da Castiglione, rather known in the city.

    Our desire is to show to our partners this little gem. This building has always been considered as "external" but very cared for and loved by the inhabitants of the district and in recent years they have kept the site in good condition and open. 

    First we contacted one of the "Amici della Commenda" group managers and set up an appointment for the visit.

    Meanwhile, in the classroom, we carried out research online and on books available at the city  library, including the church building and the cloister, as well as on the character of Fra 'Sabba da Castiglione.

    The students experimented with some techniques for making films, using Movie Maker, inserting captions, music and voices.

    We then prepared for the on-site visit and, with the guidance of Giuliano Bettoli, we saw, listened to and personally noted that the Church and the adjacent complex are in fact a precious and original heritage.

    During the visit, after having listened to the explanations and enriched and confirmed the information already collected by us, the students, divided into groups, took pictures and recorded sounds useful for composing the presentation.

    In the classroom the material was shared in a folder of Drive, so that they are accessible to all.

    After a brainstorming and information sharing activity, the more relevant  details were written down and used to compose the explanation.

    After building a scheme divided into sequences, the requested images were chosen.

    At this point it was necessary to synchronize the timing of the presentation with the reading of the texts themselves. Several voices were recorded, then edited on the movie. A background music was chosen that gave a sense of peace and serenity, as the place suggests.