Tourist Guide from Croatia part two

  • Last spring we recorded the first part of our video guide. As a part of this year assignment, we recorded another two video guides. The first one was made by our third graders, during their excursion through our home county - MeÄ‘imurje.



    As an introduction to the activity of creating another sequence of our video guide, our students of year 6 watched the last year’s film. The task was to brainstorm the places significant for our town and region that haven’t been shown in the film.

    We listed the places and students were given the task, in pairs, to find out interesting information about the places, to be presented in the second part of our video guide. In class they practised their presentations, led by the English teacher. Three students were chosen to be tourist guides in our second video guide, while two more were chosen to be narrators.

    One of the guides, Alek, also recorded a traditional song of Međimurje, sung and played on the electric guitar, to be used for the guide. The activity of creating a video guide enabled our students to practise their public appearance, making them aware of the importance of correct pronunciation, speech rhythm, stress and gestures while being presenters in front of the camera. Apart from communication in a foreign language, competence promoted by this activity was cultural awareness and expression.


    Watch our video HERE.