Code Week in Croatia

  • Code Week in Croatia was marked in classes 5-8, with all students taking part in two activities, guided by technology teacher Gordan Bartolić and members of School Robotic Group: Race against the robot and operating a robot using distance sensors. The aim of the first activity was to compare two ways in which a robotic cart solves the same task: manually operated by a remote control (by a man) and automatically operated (the robot moves autonomously, helped by sensors and a corresponding program), to draw conclusions about the advantages and disadvantages of each means of control.

    The analysis of the experiment, observations and conclusions included questions: How precise was the drive of the robotic cart using light sensors? How long did the drive using light sensors last? Compare the accuracy of automatic drive of the robotic cart (using light sensors) and manually operated drive. Which was (or seemed) more precise? The aim of the second activity was to use an experiment to do a research on possibilities of automatic movement of the robotic cart operated by embedded ultrasonic distance sensors, to draw conclusions on advantages and disadvantages of this kind of cart operation compared to automatic operation using light sensors from the first experiment and possibilities of application of such robotic carts (with distance sensors) in everyday life. Activity outcomes were understanding of purpose and application of programming in robotics, improved comprehension of the importance and methods how different robotic sensors function, improved ability of logical and algorithmic thinking, as well as increased interest in robotics, with a special emphasis on programming robotic carts.