A video meeting with the school from Portugal took place at the end of the school year. Apart from the project Innovate Together, our schools have been partners in the eTwinning project Making Friends, started in the previous school year, involving librarians and English teachers from both schools and students of years 6 to 8. For their first meeting the teams chose a well-known tale for children The City Mouse and the Country Mouse.

    For the second one they read the mascot story A Girl From Afghanistan, written by a year 7 student from Croatia. In both meetings individual students took turns to read out paragraphs of the stories and answer some comprehension questions prepared by the librarians and teachers. They also took part in a quiz How much do you know about Croatia/Portugal, where they answered questions about the two countries.

    This was a chance for both teams to check how much they learnt throughout the Erasmus+ and eTwinning projects. Students enjoyed the video meetings very much. They were happy to find out that the other team knew many things about our country. This activity promoted communication in a mother tongue and foreign language, cultural awareness and expression.