Impressions by the Portuguese team

  • Going to Romania was such a wonderful experience. The Romanian Team (especially the Coordinator, Headmistress Mihaela Mihailescu) was so warm and organized an extraordinary welcoming moment on our arrival day and at  Independenta. We truly got to know a little bit about the history of Romania, the capital and its most cultural and architectural spots.

    Travelling to Galati was a bit tiring but the 3 portuguese teachers (Coordinator, Angela Gordino, Teresa Pacheco and Maribel Barbosa) found it was worth it. The School in Independenta, the Teachers, the students, all the staff were marvellous in welcoming us and making us feel that everything was perfect.

    The workshops at school were quite interesting (dividing the teachers in groups and each visiting different classes was great, for we shared opinions), learning together about the school system in Romania and experience different methodologies of working was great,and for last, but not least, teaching for Romanian students was a wonderful experience.

    Visiting Galati and getting to know more about local food, crafts and traditional clothes was very good. Thank you Romanian Team for all the wonderful dinners and the celebration for the 1st year of the project.