International Day for Tolerance in Italy

  • On November 16 th is the World Day of Tolerance, proclaimed by the UN to recall the inspiring principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to combat extremism and promote intercultural dialogue.

    Tolerance is not taken for granted. It must be taught, nurtured and communicated. Education, especially at school, is essential to strengthen tolerance and combat hatred and discrimination. On this International Day of Tolerance we explained the importance of dialogue and understanding between all peoples and communities without any discrimination or marginalization. A single people means living and working together on the basis of mutual respect for the richness of human diversity.

    Our school plays a valuable role in the processes of cultural integration by bringing together children of different nationalities and various social background.

    In  the secondary school classes the pupils discussed emigration, Italy's position in this movement, the importance of hospitality. They then produced posters and sang songs of various nationalities..

    Tolerance is like a plant, we must sow it in young minds, we must constantly water it so that its roots take root in society and we must protect it from parasites such as hatred and discrimination.