Earth Day In Croatia

  • We marked Earth Day by various activities. Students of year 2 (class 2.B) and a group of students of year 7, accompanied by the class teacher Marijana Haramija and the art teacher Monika Vrtarić Vuk, visited the kindergarten Žibeki. For this occasion our students prepared a theatre show Little Explorers, tackling the topic of jungle animals in Africa and the blue whale – the largest animal ever known to have lived on our planet. After the theatre show, students of year 7 taught kindergarten children how to shape paper relief. They cut waves out of blue collage paper, folded the paper and stuck it on the background. In groups, they created an ocean representing a home for the blue whale. Older students felt proud to share their experience with younger children. 

    Students of year 3 (class 3.a) and their teacher Dunja Mikulaj explored chromatic and achromatic colours, within their Art classes. They tackled the following motives: Earth Day - What Earth in the past and in the future, fish and Water Day.  Furthermore, in their Science class, they learnt about endangered species in their home region of Međimurje. They explored the notion of endangered species, where they live and what we can do to help them.

    Another activity to mark Students of 3.c class with their teacher also participated in marking Earth Day and gave their contribution by planting herbs. Together with their Religion teacher Marta Novak, students decided what to plant. Their choice were aromatic herbs. These herbs will later be used to make healing creams for the skin. Students of year 6 and 7 gathered in the school garden, planted seeds of chamomile, marigold, comfrey and other herbs and watered them. We are all looking forward to the beautiful scents in our garden. Our students will regularly take care of the plants, at the same time spending more time in the fresh air, applying their knowledge in science, chemistry and biology in practice. Healing creams to be produced later are to be sold on the school charity fair.  Competence addressed by this activity is a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.