Holocaust Remembrance Day in Poland

  • KL Auschwitz was a German Nazi concentration camp that existed in 1940-1945. His first prisoners were Poles. In subsequent years, prisoners of other nationalities were also imprisoned there. From 1942, Jews became the most numerous group directed to KL Auschwitz, they were also the largest group of victims. The Holocaust is a planned, institutionally organized and systematically carried out extermination of 6 million European Jews during the Second World War.

    In Auschwitz, at least 1 100,000 people died, including almost a million Jews, 70-75 thousand. Poles, 21 thousand Roma, 14 thousand Soviet prisoners of war and 10-15 thousand victims of other nationalities.

    Here is the statement that one of the prisoners remembered:

     "You came here not to a sanatorium, but to a German concentration camp, from which there is no alternative but to the chimney. If you do not like it, you can go on the wires right away. If there are Jews in transport, they have no right to live longer than two weeks. If there are priests, they can live for one month, the rest only three months. "

    Auschwitz - Memorial Site

    This is one of the most important places in the world where the most tragic act of crime in the history of mankind has been made. It has become a symbol of the evil that man is capable of.

    A visit to the Memorial Site is a difficult and painful experience that triggers a series of reflections and important questions that are often not answered.