On March 23rd, 2016, our mindmap on an ebook!



    Here's the mindmap we're going to fill in, bit by bit, all together, as we go along our project.

    Every activity made on the Twinspace or elsewhere is going to be put on the mindmap. For example, I have started it by adding the parent page "WHO ARE WE?" and the two other pages : "What we like or hate eating" - I have also inserted the links to the website answergarden.ch on the mindmap directly.

    Here's the link : https://www.mindomo.com/mindmap/f471e4cf0aac4e9fbedeb4e0d7870f10

    At the end, we'll have a huge mindmap with everything on it and it can be presented as a slideshow too!

    I need to invite you so that you can write and add things on it too. So, PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (in the teacher bulletin or by mail). THANK YOU.

    This is the first screenshot of our mindmap (on September 6th 2015) :

    The screenshot of our mindmap on September, 16th: The song made by students from Czech Rep has been added ( click on the link to listen to the song on Utube!)

    On September 27th : A map, presentations of our schools and areas have been added to it!

    On October 2nd : more presentations and the beginning of our ABC of superfoods :

    Our mindmap on November 1st :

    On November 13th: The glossary has been added , Exchanging superfoods  and the new verses of the superfood song too.

    On November 18th, the Turkish WHO IS WHO? game has been added and some French recipes ( with Dark Chocolate, Grapes, Yoghurt and Zucchini).

    On November 21st 2015:

    On December 9th :

    Our mindmap on December 12th :

    And the same one on a .pdf file and a .ppt document :



    Our mindmap on January 9th, 2016:

    Here are some screenshots:


    On February 6th :


    ON FEBRUARY 8th:

    On March 23rd,

    On April 19th,