The French - Czech starter is prepared by the Czech team


    In the Czech Republic we have one day Easter holiday :-) (on Thursday), then Friday, Sunday and Monday are public holidays.

    So today (Thursday 24/3/2016) two girls from SEKUNDA class came to my home and we together prepared the STARTER from our common menu, namely "nádivka" and French tomato salad. You can see the ingredients below.




    We chopped everything and did everything else according to the instructions. Of course, we washed the fresh nettles first. By the way, today it was rather difficult to find them and they are very small.





    We put the mixture onto the baking sheet (oiled and dusted with breadcrumbs) and baked in the pre-heated oven for about 25 minutes.


    In the meantime we prepared the French salad following the instructions we had been sent.


    Then we set the table and invited the girls´ mum to have lunch with us. The "nádivka" was tasty but we kind of missed some meet and gravy as we are used to eat it with "nádivka". However, the French salad was delicious and really a good supplement.


    Merry Easter to everyone!