Working on this topic and project we have shown that we really care about what we eat.

    We also care if other people have enough to eat and we would like to help the people in need.

    That is why we have decided to try to collect some money (e. g. producing and printing a brochure with the recipes that we have collected) and buy chickens (eggs are superfood!) or small fruit trees (fruits are superfood!) or a goat (goat milk and cheese are very healthy!), depending on how much money we will manage to raise.

    You can find out more about "real gifts" here: http://www.real-gift.org/


    Good idea! This is very generous.
    We hope you'll be able to raise enough money for a happy goat!

    The French team.


    Translating 20 recipes from our Final e-book into Czech

    So as to raise money to buy a goat for a poor famly in Africa, we had to do some work first. The students chose 20 recipes from our common e-book, workrd collaboratively in the Google slides and translated the recipes into Czech so that the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, .... can understand it. Then we printed them and created small card books of recipes that we offered as a gift and asked for a contribution to buy the goat. Two representatives of the tercie class, David and Libor, had a short presentation about the project in front of the parents at the parents - teachers meeting - they had a 3D model of a goat with them to make the presentation more atractive. The goat had been made by Jáchym and Jakub in the art class. Below you can see our short recipe book in Czech and a few pictures of the goat.

    The idea also was that a few of the recipes could be translated into the Romany language but we learned that it would be a problem since the Romany language doesn´t have that many words. However, Roland and his family offered three Romany recipes that were added to the Czech shortened version of the Cook book. We hope you will find it interesting and maybe even try to cook one of the dishes.