The Turkish and Greek or the Greek and Turkish dessert


                                                            OUR FRIENDSHIP SUPERFOOD DESSERT



                                                                                                                     Wednesday, the 2nd of March

    The Turkish and Greek team have already started thinking about the dessert they will create together.There are many similar traits in our two world popular cuisines and as our people have lived in close proximity, they have influenced each other's culinary traditions.Therefore, it won't be difficult to find a delicious dessert packed with Superfoods which will have borrowed elements from both cuisines and thus, will delight all of our culinary senses. This Super-dessert will symbolise our strong friendship which has flourished and has been fruitful thanks to etwinning.

                                                                                                                             Thursday, the 3rd of March

    After a talk with our teams, we have decided to experiment on a dessert which is common in both countries, asure.Asure is one of the most traditional desserts of the Turkish cuisine and possibly, one of the richest puddings in the world with barley, dry fruits and nuts added.Traditional folklore holds that this dessert was made by Noah as he gathered all the remaining foodstuff and made this sweet pudding when he and his family left the ark.

    The Turkish team cooked the traditional asure in the past and here is the presentation of it, so that you see how radically we will finally change it.



    In Greece, we call it varvara and it is a dessert with religious roots, as it is cooked on the eve of Saint Barbara's feast, on December, 3. The custom is to offer it to neighbours for the good health of the children of the house and in honour to Saint Barbara who lent her name to the dessert.

    It is a great challenge, therefore, for our teams to experiment on this rich healthy dessert.We have introduced a forum thread to listen to our etwinners' suggestions on how the traditional asure can be made an original new dessert.

                                                                                                                                      Tuesday, 15 March

    The Greek and the Turkish students are involved in a lot of discussion concerning the ingredients of our common dessert.The suggestions are numerous and very interesting, as one can easily see in the project's forum. A Turkish student even suggested using kiwi, another student went for quince, another for apple and a Greek student suggested using cranberries and gojiberries instead of the traditional dried fruit.What we all agreed on is to use oat flakes instead of the traditional wheat.We hope our asure will be as tasty as the original one.

    The Greek students even asked Mrs Christodoulou, the dietician we invited at school, whether honey can be added to a sweet as a sweetener or it loses most of its qualities when it boils.She confirmed that most of its qualities will be lost when it is boiled, yet it is possible to use it in a dessert as it is not harmful.

    The Greek team suggested  agreeing on the final ingredients and cooking the dessert soon, as we would like to ask our dietician for a calculation of its calories.We are waiting for the Turkish team's answer.What will it be? 

                       The Turkish Team cooked Aşure on 23rd March,2016.

     We put not only the ingredients into it ,but also our love we feel for our partners.

    Here is our presentation.




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    This is how the Greek team cooked our dessert. We found it delicious. Also, the dietician, Mrs Christodoulou has kindly written some interesting nutrition facts and information about it !

    Looking forward to your comments


    The Greek team