1st visit of MAXIME DELUCA, A FRENCH HEAD CHEF at our school

  • We had the honour and the pleasure to welcome Maxime DeLuca at our school.

    He is a cook. He gives cooking lessons in his shop in Reims.http://www.atelierdeluca.fr/

    Today, Monday, October 12th, he was with us at school.

    For one hour and a half, we have talked about:

    -his career ( his studies, where he has worked etc...)

    -the job of cook (how nice and difficult it was)

    -the benefits of superfoods (and more particularly of our 4 ingredients we have picked up in our list) and the disadvantages of junk food.

    - and finally what we are going to cook together during his next visit at our school with the four ingredients whiwh are Zucchini, Yoghurt, Grapes and Dark Chocolate : a zucchini cake and zucchini/yoghurt samousas / a muesli with grapes and dark chocolate and grapes and chocolate samousas.

    We are looking forward to cooking with a great and nice chef. We will take loads of pictures to show you! It will be on November 16th.