• Dear friends in Italy,

    On Wednesday 25 November the parcel from Italy was delivered to our school. On Thursday 25 November in their English class the TERCIE class students opened the parcel. We were just astonished - it didn´t contain just a package of pasta (in fact there were two pasta packages :-) ) and some citrus fruit ( oranges, tangerines and lemons, all organic quality and some of them grown in the region where the students live) as we had expected, but a lot of other things such as a beautiful Christmas card signed by the Italian students, two printed recipes and an awesome Christmas present  - a very useful thing - a kind of cooking mitts with lovely Christmas pattern. There was also a very kind personal letter letter. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! We really had a great time opening the parcel and investigating its content and we really appreciate everything you sent to us.

    LOL, Czech students from TERCIE class