Hello to all of you,

    In Turkey,we have a custom when a couple gets married.People make the bride eat honey at the entrance door while she was entering her house after the wedding ceremony.It means she will always be tolerant and use soft words when talking to someone.We ate honey in the classroom at the beginning of this project so that we could finish the project tolerantly and tactfully.We hope we will work with the same partners forever as the project team is wonderful.

                                         Lots of Love from the Turkish team




    Hello everybody,

    It's an old Greek custom to smash a pomegranate against the door of our house on New Year's Day in order to bring good luck to our home. The more the seeds, the luckier and more prosperous we'll be. The pomegranate is a blessed Superfood, present even in Greek mythology as the symbol of fertility. So, it seems appropriate to us to smash this pomegranate, which etwinners have painted, for our new project wishing all of us the BEST of luck. We are really delighted that a new exciting etwinning experience has just started !

    The Greek team


    Hi everyone,

    We enjoyed reading about the old Greek custom. Unfortunately, in the Czech Republic we don´t grow pomeganates, but we grow apples. It happens that we have a Christmas custom with apples. On Christmas Eve, if you cut an apple in the middle and there is a star, it is a good sign and you will be healthy and happy all the new year. If there is a cross, it is no good for you. Now at the beginning of this project, we have cut an apple and you can see on your own the beatiful star in the middle – it is great and our project is going to be great too.

    The Czech team