In Spain

  • In February we celebrated our Superfoods Day. It wa sa very special day because our students learnt and discovered propeties of superfoods and prepared their own healthy dishes. They explained the ingredients and the procedure and how to decoderate them to make them more appealing. Then they voted for the best dish according to the taste, how healthy it was and its presentation. 

    Here you can have a look at some of the dishes prepared:


    Healthy Breakfast

    Etwinners, along with a nurse and a doctor, explained younger students what a healthy breakfast is and the benefits of having healthy breakfast (among its components, superfoods as nuts, bread and fruit).

    Our students enjoyed this activity so much that we have decided to prepare a 'Master Chef' contest (based on the famous 'Master Chef' TV show). They will prepare dishes following our chefs' instructions and 'judges' will vote for the best performance. 

    The contest will be celebrated in May.