As we work on this project in various school subjects, we have decided to deal
    with SUPERFOODS in the classes of our mother tongues as well
    ( namely Greek, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech and Turkish).
    We have decided to look at PROVERBS / SAYINGS, IDIOMS / PHRASES and SIMILES,
    we have worked in a big international team
    and collaboratively created three sets of Google slides.
    It was quite an adventure to find out how well we know our own language.
    It was also very interesting to copare the laguages looking for similarities and differences.
    Please, find our common outcomes on the sub-activities below.



    Just for inspiration, you can have a look at some English PROVERBS about fruit here:


    Nice examples of some English IDIOMS with fruits (and vegetable) are e.g. here:


    There are a lot of similes in the song below - can you count how many there are?
    Do any of them include a SUPERFOOD - if so, which one?