Lousã Honey

  • With a dark amber, almost black colour, Lousã Honey  reveals a strong palate and some astringency. It is wonderful to add to tea, bread or in different recipes.

    On the right you can see a Heather honey which got several national and international awards, including the Best Honey from Southern Europe.

    And this is another type of honey made in Lousã, it is lighter in colour and softer in taste - the rosemary honey.

    Lousã Honey - a photo taken by Maia with her dad's help:

    Honey from Lousã Mountain:


    About Lousã Honey by Apimel -local producer:


    A healthy dessert - roast apples and honey by Lousã team. It is easy, simple and fast.

    Grilled Salmon with Lousã honey, a recipe by Miguel Gil and his mum.