“Our Food Should Be Our Medicine And Our Medicine Should Be Our Food.” - Hippocrates 460 - 370 BC. In the course of this project, we will explore SUPERFOODS and see how we can introduce them into our daily diet through our brilliantly inspiring nutrient-packed recipes. We’ll create etwinning’s original alphabet of SUPERFOODS keeping always in mind...


Are you interested in how the superfoods are called in other languages?
So why don´t you fill in the names of superfoods in your mother tongue
in this shared presentation?
Then we can look together for similarities and differences.



This is a GLOSSARY of SUPERFOODS that we deal with in this project:



Hi, thanks to everyone who helped to complete the glossary - it was done in such a short time. The students really did a great job, congratulations! Comparing the names of the superfoods will be quite interesting - however, now we can see how the words spell and sometimes we are curious and would like to know how they are pronounced.
In case of most of the languages (unfortunately not Czech and Lithuanian :-( ) , QUIZLET can help.
Check on your own in one of the subfolders. :-)


One French pupil, Romuald, looking for words to fill in the glossary :


Author: Miroslava Borovcová
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