The Czech-Italian salad is prepared

  • The Czech-Italian salad

    The salad created by the Czech and Italian teams, prepared by the Italian students.



    The Czech team has prepared the salad too   - once in a bit simpler form on the eve of the superfoods project day (see the photos on the page of our project day), and then once more properly following the recipe step by step. We were really happy that our salad was delicious and we can recommend it (don´t be afraid to combine vegetables and fruits, the result is really great :-)). You can see some photos here:






    The salad was prepared with the ingredients from our common recipe. However, there were three details that differed. First we didn´t grill the zucchini but we sauted it on a frying pan with some grill spices. Secondly we decided to have it really light so we didn´t add an egg. And thirdly,  we felt it could be a bit more colourful, so we cut half a bell pepper into tiny cubes and added them to the salad.