•   We've received a short letter where the Chef  gives her  qualified opinion about our project and its e-book.

     But before that we want to introduce  her. 



    She grew up in her grandmother's restaurant, who with her mother gave her an  exceptional gourmet "imprinting",when  Laura  was  24, worked in one of the most fashionable restaurants of the moment, the Hemingway in  Rome, where in short  time she got the position of second chef in another famous restaurant, Planet Earth, one of the first clubs in Rome.

    Over the years, Laura has been able to accumulate valuable experience under the leadership  of famous chefs, including Vissani  and Gualtiero MARCHESI, till  1993 when she was involved in a consulting tour  for restaurants around the world, including the chains the Sheraton and Starwood restaurants.

    When she hosted the tv programme "The recipes by Laura Ravaioli", on the  satellite  Gambero Rosso Channel, it  quickly jumped to the top of audience satisfaction rankings and there remained  firmly for almost the 11 year- duration. 

    Laura Ravaioli activities did not stop only to traditional cuisine, although complemented by insights and curiosity, but she conducted a series of as many as 50 episodes on ethnic cuisine, in a carousel of recipes of  all the major places of the world.   

    The culinary philosophy of Laura Ravaioli is very practical, Laura believes in useful research into the kitchen and new experimental techniques, and praises the creations of his colleagues, but basically in the center of his interest is the traditional cuisine,that of the now forgotten dishes.
    The great gastronomic baggage that has accumulated over the years enables her to pass from the  biscuits and cakes, to the dishes of meat or fish and for each of these specialties is able to suggest tasty alternatives, all the while dressed a great human sympathy and helpfulness.
    Laura Ravaioli has also published several books on food.                                     

     The letter in English and in the original language