The French - Czech starter is prepared by the FRENCH team!

  • On Tuesday, April 26th, we cooked and tasted the Czech Nadivka with a tomato salad which is our original starter in our collaborative menu.

    It was excellent!

    First, we enjoyed cooking. Then, we were happy to be all together to taste a new recipe. Finally, we played games with Zoe, our English assistant, so it was very pleasant to share that moment with her.

    To conclude, it was as good as our Superfoods Day. It was a bit nostalgic too because it was our last big event at school on this eTwinning project.

    We're really looking forward to working with all our partners again next year.

    Here are some photos:

    While preparing:

    While cooking:

    While serving and tasting :


    While playing games with Zoe and sharing this moment with her: