Who is who? Spanish students


    Please, read the descriptions and match them to the pictures.

    Javier: Hi , I have  black hair, Brown eyes,  I have glasses, I am 14 years old.

    Rubén: Hi, I 'm 15 years old, I have light-colored skin , brown eyes (honey) , my height is and have a good physical complexión

    Jose Luis M.: Hello, I am 15 years old, I have got brown skin , brown eyes, brown hair , my height is 1.79 , and have a "good" physical complexion.

    Natalia: Hi, I'm Natalia. I'm slim and I have long brown hair. My eyes are brown too.

    Eva: Hello, I'm Eva. I'm short. I've got long hair and brown eyes.

    Álvaro: Hello, I consider myself to be an athletic person, I have got brown eyes, long hair and brown skin. I am very tall.

    Soraya: Hello my name is Soraya; I have long brown hair , brown eyes, I am 14 years old .

    Christian: I am 16 years old , I have dark brown hair, , brown eyes, light skin.

    Claudia: Hello, I´m a girl, with blonde,  with straight and long hair. I have brown eyes. I have long legs.

    Hugo: Hello, I´m a boy, I’m 15 years old, I have brown and curly hair, and brown eyes. I´m tall.

    Laura: Hello, I´m a girl, I’m 14 years old , I have long and  blonde hair, blue eyes . I´m tall.

    Jaime: Hello I am 15 years old. I’m medium height. I have got black hair brown eyes  and short hair.

    Uriel: My name is Uriel Cachiarelli. I was born the 29th of June in 2001, so I am currently 14 years old. I have blonde short hair and green eyes. I enjoy spending time with friends and playing videogames. I am usually in a happy mood and try to be friendly.

    Jorge: My name is Jorge Ferrando. I am 14. I have brown short hair and light eyes, I am tall and I am fit.

    Jesús: My name is Jesús Gómez. I am 14. I have blonde short hair and light eyes, I am tall and I am fit.