• On December the 1st we were very enthusiastic and glad because we received the Super Food parcel from our Greek friends. 

    Most of us had never seen crocus and the fragrance of the Greek tea is very good.

    Now we are planning a Xmas lunch at our school to  be prepared on December, the 16th by students and teachers. We are going to cook cod rice with the greek crocus and for dessert we will finish our super food lunch with the Greek Tea. Our teacher has already tried the main dish with the crocus which we are going to prepare for lunch - yummy!

    We are willing to taste it too!

    Thank you for making it possible!

    Thank you for your kind words and for letting your school community know more things about the Greek culture and products.Thanks to our project we all have the opportunity to try new flavours.

    Please,upload some photos of the special Christmas dinner you'll organise at your school.We are very curious to see what other people at your school will think about the Greek crocus and  the beverage that contains it.

    As for the original dish that you created and combines Greek and Portuguese ingredients, it looks lovely!Congratulations to your team on your creativity!We are looking forward to cooking it ourselves!

    Lots of love


    The Greek team