• Dear friends

    The Greek team has prepared a presentation on our Superfoods Day.On March, 9 the Greek team organised the Superfoods Day.Maria and the French teacher, Mrs Argyro Michael made bars of oat, honey, and nuts with ingredients kindly sponsored by CAVA STAMATOPOULOS  and baked them at school.Mr Papadas, who is a science teacher,helped them with their tasks.They also made smoothies with fruit sponsored by SKLAVENITIS SUPERMARKET. Finally,they created food pyramids with the students of the A junior class who do not participate in our project.

    The students of the Third class listened to a talk given by Mrs Dimitra Christodoulou, a good dietician who works in a big hospital in Athens.They asked her many questions, learned how we can incorporate Superfoods in our breakfast and how Supesrfoods can increase our performance when exercising.Mrs Christodoulou gave them useful handouts on Superfoods and she also gave them a nice plasticised copy of what dieticians call 'MyPlate' and explains what our plate should include every day. 

    In the end, everybody tried Greek yoghurt with a mixture of oat flakes, cinnamon, hazelnuts, dried banana, raisins and dark chocolate.Everybody enjoyed it!
    The sheep yoghurt was kindly sponsored by Mr Tsoris, the raisins and the dried bananas  were sponsored by CAVA KOUROS.
    We hope we'll organise similar events in the future.

    You can watch our presentation on: