Dissemination of the Spanish Team

  • I Recognition to teachers winning QL in Madrid - EVENT

    Last February 28th, the Community of Madrid organised for the first time an event to recognise the work done on eTwinning by teachers from Madrid. Our project Europe's ABC of Superfoods was awarded once more. Rafael van Grieken, the maximum authority in Education in Madrid, gave the diplomas to the teachers awarded. 

    Best Practice Conference - BEDA - 21st and 22nd October 2016 - 

    Sonia Ruiz "eTwinning Quality Labels"

    On 22nd October Sonia Ruiz presented a workshop called "eTwinning Quality Labels" where our project Europe's ABC of Superfoods was shown to a group of teachers from different parts of Spain. The workshop was very sucessful.

    Here you can see some pictures of it:



    Our project webpage on the MOOC course 21st Comepetences on School Education Gateway... 


    Dissemination of our project on Facebook:



    The Spanish team has received an email from the Spanish Society of Dietetics and Nutrition telling us that they find our project very interesting and offering themselves to collaborate in workshops they organise for schools in Madrid. Here is the email we got:

    Buenas tardes,
    Ante todo, le felicitamos por su iniciativa. Nos parece muy interesante y esperamos que fructífera.
    Precisamente el enfoque transversal incluyendo otros idiomas, historia, tradiciones... le da un valor añadido muy interesante.
    Si lo vieran conveniente, podríamos ayudarles en algún momento en este proyecto. O si lo desean, tal vez pudiera incluirse en las actividades de promoción de una alimentación saludable que desarrollamos en diferentes colegios de Madrid (con alumnos, profesores o padres). Estos talleres/actividades son gratuitas.
    Un cordial saludo.
    Secretaría SEDCA

    Here is the translation in English:

    Good afternoon,
    First of all, congratulations on your initiative. We find it very interesting and hopefully fruitful.
    Precisely the transversal approach including other languages, history, traditions ... gives a very interesting added value.
    If it suits you, we could help at some point in this project. Or if you want, maybe it could be included in activities promoting healthy eating that we develop in different schools in Madrid (with students, teachers or parents). These workshops / activities are free.


    Moreover, they have published the link of our project on Twitter:


    We hope we can get a further collaboration for our project soon!